Count Only

  • AccuBanker 1050


    Do you need to detect counterfeit bills, count, organize, and manage your cash?

  • AccuBanker 4200


    User Friendly Machine with optional Counterfeit Detection

  • AccuBanker 1100


    Stylish and compact, the new AB1100 accurately counts currency, reducing labor time and losses due to human error while providing you with the peace of mind and time to take care of other important aspects of your business.

  • Cassida 5520


    A currency counter so advanced it’s simple

  • Cassida 85


    The Cassida 85 is only built one way, and that is tough.Those looking for a dependable bill counting system can be sure that theCassida 85 is up to the job.

  • Cassida Advantec 75


    Take the Next Step in Currency Counters The Advantec75 is breakthrough in currency counters.

  • Cassida Tiger


    Professional features. The Cassida Tiger series rival many commercial grade currency counters in performance and durability.

  • Semacon S1000


    The S-1000 Mini Series offers similar functions and features as many larger
    machines but in a compact space saving design.

  • Semacon S1100


    Quality & Value At The Right Price. Semacon has crossed the threshold of price vs quality by offering high speed with a full featured product line of banknote counters, all at a price level that the small business can afford!

  • Semacon S1200


    The S-1200 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters are intended for use in high volume environments such as banks, credit unions, casinos, and large retailers.

  • Semacon S1600


    Ultra High-Speed Currency Counter for medium to very high level usage volumes.
    Value mode feature shows the dollar value of money counted.