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Dual Pocket Mixed Bill Value Counter

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The AB7500 is the perfect solution for a fast, accurate, and reliable banknote counting process that can fit any business’s needs.

Bill Counting: The AB7500 is a multi-currency bill counter that provides detailed digital and printer reports of each count. This machine quickly and accurately counts bills, allowing for mixed denomination counting and final count results that show the total value as well as the number of bills involved in each count. The AB7500 allows for FOUR counting modes:

MIX: In this mode, one can count mixed denominations of bills (USD or EUR).

SORT: In this mode, the unit memorizes the first denomination scanned, then will compare the rest of the bills with this denomination. When a different denomination is found, the unit will send the different denomination to the rejection pocket, allowing for continuous sorting. The result will be that all the bills belonging to the same denomination will be grouped together.

COUNT: Basic bill count; counts the total number of bills but does not detect the total count value (denomination). The unit works as a conventional bill counter in this mode.

ORIENTATION: Organizes bills FACE UP, FACE DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT to prepare bills for strapping.

Counterfeit Detection: The AB7500 uses SIX detection functions while it simultaneously counts, adds, and batches bills. It alerts the user of a suspicious note through audio and visual alerts as well as on-screen error codes:

Size Verification (DD)

Double Bill Detection (DB)

Ultraviolet Detection (UV)

Magnetic Ink Detection (MG)

Infrared Detection (IR)

Magnetic Thread Detection (MT)

Reliable, Fast, Versatile and easy operation
Suitable to count bills of mixed denomination to obtain a grand sum total
Unique rejection pocket allows for NON-STOP counts
Shows TOTAL and PARTIAL results
Counts large volumes
Counterfeit Detection: UV, MG, IR, and MT.
Currency currently available for MIX mode:
Digital and printed reports
Easy software update procedure when new bills are launched
USB and Printer interface connection
Variable counting speeds (800-1000-1200 bills/minute)
Dual voltage permits to work from 110 to 220 Volt
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