Cassida Omni-D


Verify currency and IDs in a single machine

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Verify currency and IDs in a single machine
The Cassida Omni-ID combines a powerful automatic counterfeit detector with advanced ultraviolet LED illumination into a single machine that authenticates both US currency and IDs. The Omni-ID gives you confidence and protection, assuring the dollars, identification cards and checks you take are genuine.

Easy PASS/FAIL verification
Simply feed a bill through and a green PASS or red FAIL will immediately illuminate, signifying whether the money is genuine or suspect. What could be easier?
Omni-ID removes doubt about authenticity - PASS and FAIL lights illuminate powerfully enough to be seen in even the brightest retail settings
Omni-ID works faster and more conclusively than counterfeit pens - results show in less than half a second, immediately telling you whether a bill is legitimate or counterfeit

Intense UV Illumination
Omni-ID uses industry-leading UV LED technology to authenticate security features that can only be viewed under a specific UV light spectrum. Place an ID or card in the lower slot and powerful, long-lasting LEDs automatically illuminate UV security marks.
- UV LEDs are long lasting, giving you years of protection and eliminating the need to replace UV bulbs common in conventional UV detectors!
- Omni-ID LEDs were scientifically selected to vibrantly illuminate security markings and show up under bright retail lights.
- Wondering how to identify the UV security markings on your state or another state's IDs and drivers licenses? Go to

Don't be a victim of fraud
Protect your business and employees. Get the Cassida Omni-ID to assure you'll never take another counterfeit bill, fake ID or forged payment card.

Technical Specifications:
Verification types: UV-LED, MG, IR, color spectrum analysis
Verification speed: <lt; 0.5 second/bill or ID
Display type: LED
Unit Weight: .85 lbs. (.38kg)
Unit dimensions: 5.1"W x 4.2"D x 4.5"H (129*106*115mm)
Applicable Currency: United States Dollars
Card/ID types: Driver's licenses, credit cards, checks, passports and others
Power supply: AC/DC adaptor, 12 vdc output - input voltage 100-240 VAC Power consumption: <10 watts

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