Semacon S-2500

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Two Pocket Currency Discriminator

SKU: S2500

The Semacon S-2500 Bank Grade Two Pocket Currency Discriminator is designed with Semacon's SmartFeed™ technology for maximum accuracy in high volume applications and is used by banks, credit unions, casinos, large retailers and other industries. It features heavy duty construction, operational flexibility and ease of use.
This currency discriminator features Semacon's SmartDetect™ Advanced Counterfeit Detection System designed to accurately pinpoint suspect banknotes including ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG), fluorescence (FL), metal thread (MT) and infrared (IR) detection technologies.

This discriminator was developed specifically for banks and other businesses with high cash volumes and is capable of continuous operation in the harshest environments. It features a color graphic touchscreen display and control panel and is one of the most compact two pocket discriminators available. The optional printer enables the operator to print a detailed receipt containing the current subtotals or accumulated totals.


Feed Method: Roller Friction
Counting Speed: 750 notes/minute (discriminating)-800-1500 notes/minute (piece counting)
Hopper Capacity: 500 notes
Stacker Capacity: 250 notes (main stacker)- 100 notes (reject stacker)
Power Source: AC 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.25 x 12 x 13 INCHES
Net Weight: 22.1 lbs.
One year warranty